Hord Development Update

Hord Team
July 30, 2021

Over the past weeks a great deal of progress has been made in terms of development of Hord app v1. Our team lead Nikola would like to share some of the progress with you.


UI for the entire application has been finished. Our developers are working on some final UI tweaks for new functionality that has recently been added to the MVP specification.

  • Create hPool funnel has been finished (components/layout/styles/back-end & front-end integrations).
  • Components/layouts/styles for hPool landing view have been implemented.
  • Components/layouts/styles for hPool tiles for different views have been implemented.

A sneak-peak of some of the UI from our YouTube channel:

Smart Contracts

For the technically inclined, smart contract updates can be reviewed at any time on https://github.com/hord/smart-contracts

  • Codecov has been integrated on every Github commit. 90.8% coverage of smart contract commits has been reached on Codecov to date. This adds an additional layer of security from our side, on top of audits by Certik. https://app.codecov.io/gh/hord/smart-contracts/
  • Our smart contracts have been integrated with Chainlink Oracles to support real-time price feeds.
  • Smart contracts for the creation of hPools, the ticket sale phase, the subscription phase, and the initiation of the pool itself as well as minting hPool tokens have all been completed.


  • Integration with Coingecko and 1inch to store all available tokens has been completed and listing tokens for the front-end has been enabled. This allows for showing token image/price/name/symbol when creating an hPool.
  • The Graph infrastructure is fully integrated on the back-end with current events on smart-contracts.
  • hPool creation flow has been implemented. Here users choose all tokens to be included in the pool.
  • hPool update has been created. Users can add name and description to the hPool and modify its assets.
  • Link between Champion NFT Tickets and hPools has been established.
  • hPool tags have been added.
  • hPool state machine is currently in progress. This is keeps track of the current state of the hPool (in progress, waiting for deposit, ticket sale phase, private/public ticket phase, pool active)
  • Displaying price change of the hPool and further insights on hPool performance is currently in progress.


We know it can be a long wait sometimes when you just want the platform to go live and start participating in the amazing opportunities Hord.App brings. We hope that this developer update shows you that we have been working around the clock behind the scenes to deliver you the best possible product that is safe, reliable, functional and overall amazing to use.

We’ll be sharing more of these updates as we go forward. For now we would like to take this chance to thank everyone that has trusted in us so far. Thank you for believing in our mission to open up portfolio management to the general public in a totally decentralized manner! HODL HORD and tell your friends. Together we will make this the best platform for crypto investing in the industry. You’ll hear from us again soon.

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