Hord Expands Team

Hord Team
August 5, 2021

To develop more features in less time Hord has expanded it’s team over the past weeks. We are excited to share with you today five of our recent additions to the Hord team. Each one of them is highly motivated and has been working around the clock to deliver the best possible decentralized portfolio management platform available in crypto. Meet the members:

Andrii Pindiura

Andrii is a 37 year old developer from Ukraine. He currently fulfills the role of Front-End Supervisor within the Hord team. Andrii has been working with the 2key team (now Dcentralab) for over 3 years. He recently joined the Hord team as a trusted partner by team lead Nikola. Starting his career in engineering, Andrii got into programming out of passion. He thought himself to code and started out as a freelancer on Upwork. Andrii is a passionate and hard working, well rounded senior Front-End developer, having worked on projects like Quantler and Juvo. We are very happy to have him on the team. In his free time Andrii enjoys Practical Shooting.

Gokhan Elma

Gokhan is a 29 year old developer from the United States with a degree in computer science. He currently works for Hord as a Senior Front-End Engineer. Gokhan stood out in interviews for skills beyond his years of experience and was taken on in June. He currently spends most of his time building Hord’s NFT marketplace by integrating the Back-End and interacting with Solidity smart contracts. Gokhan has a knack for maths which got him into programming. Seeing people use the products he created brings him joy. Some of Gokhan’s previous work as a web-developer includes developing a Learning Management System, eCommerce platforms, Booking systems, and social media platforms. As a blockchain engineer, he has developed dApps, DeFi applications ( yield farming, vaults, staking … ), and NFT market places. In his free time Gokhan enjoys running, swimming, playing guitar, and cooking.

Milan Mitic

Milan is a 24 year old Back-End developer from Serbia, where he completed his university degree in computer science. He works in the Belgrade office alongside Hord team members. When crypto piqued his interest from a financial standpoint about six months ago, he begin fantasizing about working in the industry. As soon as he found out Hord had an open position for Back-End development through his friend, he applied. He currently spends the majority of his time developing a Back-End infrastructure for the creation of champion hPools. Milan got into coding by writing scripts for Counter Strike. He loves the feeling of solving problems and got good by putting in the hours. He is a tremendous asset for Hord and we are lucky to have him on the team. In his free time Milan likes to play tennis and watch sports.

Srdjan Simonovic

Srdjan is a 20 year old solidity developer from Serbia, where he is now finishing his second year in computer science. He got started off in programming by entering the school of programming after high school, before entering the faculty of computing in university. He was hired as a solidity intern by passing the notoriously strenuous interview tasks by team lead Nikola. He now spends most of his time testing smart contracts. When asked how he became affluent in smart contract programming he credits programs like cryptozombies.io. In his free time Srdjan likes to go hiking. We are incredibly happy with his addition to the team as he is able to free up some time for our team lead Nikola. We hope he will stay with us after his internship!

Adrienn Sepa

Adrienn is a 31 year old developer from Israel, with a masters degree in arts history. She started coding as a hobby before joining a female developer community called “She Codes”. Adrienn loves the fact that creating products can make a difference in people’s life. “It makes me happy to come up with a solution for a problem.” In the past she has worked on an eCommerce website with PayPal Integration, an educational mobile app for parents, a chat app and some game apps. Her interest in the crypto community brought her to Hord where she has now joined us as a junior Front-End developer. We are so excited to bring in female talent to the male-dominant crypto space and hope to work with Adrienn for a long time. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors for hiking, climbing and travelling.

Hord Team

The Hord team now consists of 11 core members, with many more working with us in different roles and forms of engagement. Together it is our sole purpose to deliver to everyone in the crypto space the absolute best DeFi platform for portfolio and ETF investment.

Even though our team has recently grown, we are always looking for additional talent. Check out hord.app/jobs for open positions or send us an email at [email protected] with an open application.

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