$HORD Token Launch

Hord Team
April 23, 2021

Hord token will start trading on the Centralised Exchanges first. This is to enable price discovery on CEX. A few minutes after that the Uniswap pair will go live based on the price that was discovered on the Centralised Exchanges. This is done to protect users and ensure a fair price at launch.

Listing Price

Gate.io: $0.025

Kucoin.com: $0.025

Flybit.com: $0.025

Uniswap.org: Price based on CEX price a few minutes after launch

Be ready!

HORD token trading will go live at 10:00 AM UTC. Make sure to create an account and fund one of our partner exchanges to be among the first people ever to purchase $HORD.


HORD token will be available on Uniswap a few minutes after the listing on Centralised Exchanges at 10:00 UTC

$HORD official token address:

We want to emphasize that 0x43A96962254855F16b925556f9e97BE436A43448 is the only correct token address!

Feel free to double-check on hord.app/token

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