Meme. Video competition

Hord Team
April 13, 2021

Hord is looking for amazing content to help spread the word. 🚀

That's why we are having a Meme/Video competition.

It works like this:

Create an awesome meme, image, sticker or video about Hord and get a chance to win a spot in our SHO! 🤑 You can enter as many times as you'd like.

Winners will be picked based on originality, quality, meme level and sheer awesomeness.

Share your entry in the chat and use the hashtag #PartOfTheHord

Prizes will be as follows:

🏆 1st place: SHO Allocation

🏆 2nd place: $250

🏆 3rd - 5th place: $100

Join the competition with your best work!

Take your time to make something truly beautiful and awesome. The Hord logos are available in high quality here

We are taking submissions until the end of this week.

Good luck to everyone! 🙌

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