Tokenomics Boost: Launchpad-Style Utility. Pre-Product Token Demand

Hord Team
April 30, 2021

The first hPools will be led by major industry influencers and leading regional funds. hPools have a deposit cap, and demand will be oversubscribed.

In order to commemorate the genesis roster of Champions and to organize hPool oversubscription, HORD tokens will be staked to farm NFT tickets. hPool participation will only be available to NFT ticket holders.

NFTs with utility.

Champion NFT Tickets

3,000 HORD can be staked 10 days across any of the available Champion cards to acquire an NFT-based participation ticket.

NFT holders can participate in the genesis hPools to acquire Champion tokens. The NFT tickets can be traded, collected, or used for their prime purpose: participation in hPools.

The first wave of Champions includes Ash Wall Street Bets and Crypto Banter's Ran Neuner. Their Champion NFT tickets will be farmable and usable in their hPool.

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